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"Bitcoin on the Beach about Bitcoin" briefly describes the content of the first five entries of the video series.

About Prices

"Bitcoin on the Beach about Prices" describes the reason for differences in prices from accepted sources such as centralized exchanges, crypto broker apps or a website. The video continues with a brief discussion about how custody affects the price you may receive for Bitcoin.

About Markets

"Bitcoin on the Beach about Markets" describes the logic used by traders when placing orders to buy and sell the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The video continues with a brief illustration of the trading process and potential follow-on actions.

About Portfoliosย 

"Bitcoin on the Beach about Portfolios" describes risk related to a crypto portfolio. The video continues with a brief description of portfolio construction and how crypto asset categories can be used to collect cryptos into industry sectors. The segregation of assets into like groups can then used to report valuations and analyze performance.

About Systems

"Bitcoin on the Beach About Systems" describes the specific software platforms (ie- PMS, OMS, EMS) used to run money by a professional asset manager. The video continues with a brief description of the investment management business process for the systems used by portfolio managers and execution traders.

About Investing

"Bitcoin on the Beach About Investing" describes the workflow used to purchase $1 of Bitcoin from CashApp or other online payment and centralized exchange broker apps. The video continues with a brief description of the methods and systems used to acquire, custody and liquidate digital assets by amateur investors and professional traders.