What are the important parts of the investment management process?

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What is investment management?

Investment management is a process ("Workflow") that applies a given set of financial directives ("Instructions") to a selected group of assets ("Target Interests") with the expectation of value growth ("Gain or Loss") over a given period of time ("Fund Lockup").

Who are the interested parties?

Fund Administrator - Official keeper of the asset managers books and records.

Fund Administration - Daily operations related to valuation fluctuations, capital inflows and outflows

Market Data - Text

Portfolio Analytics - Text

Trading Analytics - Text

Execution Objectives - Commission wallet, TCA

Reporting - Text

Technology Vendor - Distributes software that provides functions and features in support of portfolio management operations. Maintains workflows such as portfolio rebalancing and interim position adjustments.

What are the functions needed to fulfill the task?

Such as Partnership Accounting. Partnership Accounting is an important feature if it's presented in a manner where more than one group of investors couldn use it. If one group requires significant changes to the processes then it becomes unusable for others. The opportunity dictates the engineering allotment of resources. 

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Targeted Interests for Fund Allocation

Gain or Loss Expectation

Expected Fund Lockup